Developing Solutions

In the fashion industry, innovation is on display every year – on the catwalks of New York and the clothing racks of your local boutique. Canopy shares that spirit of creative innovation. We know beautiful things happen when you don’t cling to last year’s ideas and get creative.

Canopy already has successful collaborations with leading clothing brands and designers to help protect the world’s endangered forests and the animals that call them home. We are working together to ensure that any fabrics made from tree fiber, such as rayon/viscose, lyocell or other trademarked cellulosic fabrics from endangered forests, don’t make it into next season’s designs. These early champions have:

  • Developed sourcing policies to protect endangered forests,
  • Are tracking where their fabrics originate,
  • Are eliminating fiber and fabrics from forest hotspots globally, and
  • Are supporting the development of fiber and fabric solutions.

Designers and clothing brands can be a driving force in reducing impacts on endangered forests and catalyzing lasting protection for the planet’s rare ancient forest ecosystems.

Be part of the solution:

  1. Develop a policy to protect endangered forests
  2. Sign the CanopyStyle Pledge to join the campaign
  3. Donate to support CanopyStyle green the wardrobes of the world

Canopy has successfully worked to green the purchasing practices of more than 750 large printers, publishers and leading brands – from policy development, through implementation and driving supply chain innovation.

We can help you make a difference.

We know it can be done

Canopy is the organization behind the greening of the Harry Potter book series – the final book was printed on eco-friendly paper in 24 countries.

Canopy has championed straw-based papers with leading authors Alice Munro, Margaret Atwood and Yann Martel all printing special edition books on straw-based paper.

More than 440 ecopapers have been developed to meet the environmental demand of leading publishers and printers who developed policies with Canopy.

Greening the clothing supply chain is an ambitious endeavor. From our experience with publishers and printers and their  supply chains, we look forward to brokering tangible solutions over the coming years.