Style lovers and trendsetters: You can help!

The style choices you make at the mall or in your favorite boutique can make a difference in the world. Look at the piece of clothing you’re interested in and consider your options.

If the tag says rayon, modal or viscose, investigate what the brand is doing to ensure that the fiber is not coming from ancient and endangered forests. Does the clothing company have a policy in place to work towards the protection of forests? Does the fibre come from FSC-certified operations? Has the brand made commitments equivalent to those of EILEEN FISHER, Quiksilver, prAna and Patagonia to become part of the solution?

Ask the salesperson whether the label is encouraging research and innovation on fabrics made from recycled viscose or agricultural residue. They may not know – but encourage them to learn about the products they sell.

Find out if other more sustainable fabrics are being used for this type of clothing. Is it available in organic cotton, recycled fiber or natural fibers such as linen or flax?

As an individual, your choices matter. Ask questions, look up brands on line to review their policies and encourage the brands, designers and stores you love to learn about the impact of fashion on the world’s forests.

Help raise awareness and support lasting change. Ancient and endangered forests, vibrant communities and beautiful creatures need your help.

You can make a difference.
Start by signing the CanopyStyle Pledge.

*Ancient and endangered forest hotspots include the Canadian and Russian Boreal Forests; Temperate Rainforests of British Columbia, Alaska and Chile; and the Tropical Rainforests of Indonesia and the Amazon.

CanopyStyle Pledge

As a consumer of clothing products, I am concerned that forests globally, including ancient and endangered forests*, are being used to produce fabrics, such as rayon and viscose.

I encourage clothing brands and designers to address the use of ancient and endangered forests in their supply chain, and to show leadership and advance solutions that will result in the conservation of these forests and the species that live in them.

I support clothing brands that have formally committed to phasing out the use of fabrics originating from ancient and endangered forests, and that invest in using socially and environmentally preferable alternative fabrics where possible.